Year - Oct 2014

I joined Pristine (formally known as Pristine Fixed Gear) in March 2013 with the idea to open up a new store. Because we felt Amsterdam deserved a proper cycling store/ café, like many other great cities had. It ended up taking a year and a half before we opened the doors of Meesterknecht (Super Domestique).

We’ve gone through the entire process of finding the right location. Trying to get financing wherever we could. Taking down the old interior and building up a new one from scratch. Selecting the brands, talking to the suppliers, building inventory.

My main role has been building up and managing the creative side of the store. Starting out with the development of the concept and picking out a name. Later working on a good brand profile. A big part of was working out the interior and building some the furniture.

Kerkstraat 168h
1017GS Amsterdam