Banner for Newsletter <-> Announcement Elian + OBST&GEMÜSE collaboration 

“8 year anniversary weekend” flyers
For OBST&GEMÜSE, 2017 

Ride flyers for Brooks England C13 rides
For (BeNeLux Distributor) Kruitbosch, 2017

“2017 Brand Partner Guide” Pitch deck
For Far Ride Magazine (2017)

"Goudkuipjes Mooiste" exhibition about Hennie Kuiper
Printed media for at the Rapha Cycle Club together with Joachim Baan. (2016)

Printed media (postcard/ stickers/ business card)
For Meesterknecht as part of the visual identity. (2014)

Sneak peak for the new store of Pristine, which would later become Meesterknecht. To spark the interest of suppliers and investors. (2013)

Spoke cards
For the "Faster Than You Crew", 2012