Graduation Project
Title - All Dutch Everything (NL)
Year - Jan 2013

I joined AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute) because of my fascination for product and materials. Yet as the name of the school suggests there was a large focus on ‘fashion’.

What me alwasy bothered was the fast nature of the fashion industry. The speed and cheap prices made clothing a consumer good with a short life-span. Yet not very long ago this was different. Partially because clothing production was close-by, and we were able to see its impact.

For my graduation project I decided to produce a garment close to home. Inorder to try and give clothing production a face again. I ended up having a shirt made completely in the Netherlands from base material to end product. All captured in a short 8 minute documentary.

I graduated with a 9/10.

Gea van Dijk - Yarning
Melissa van Noordwijk - Weaving
Monica Tielens - Buttons
Ruben Bakker - Shirting