Frank van der Sman

[insert weird text in third person written by one self, about their own amazing accomplishments and character trades] Frank is a lovely guy, really lovely, you should meet him one day. He was born one day in Rotterdam during the 1990 heatwave. The warmth must have gotten to him that particular summer. And melted him straight in the shape and form of the gorgeous being he is today.

The guy enjoys good aesthetics. Like truly. Not weird after graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Branding that was. Really? How creative. Yes, and let me tell you, though he hates the industry, well made produce of any sorts get him going.

At one point in his life he was very much into ultra distance bicycle racing. Now he's retired. Though the bicycle still will always hold a very special place in his heart. So much so that the passion became a work affair, having worked for the likes of; Rapha, Speedvagen, SILCA, Lester Cycles, Brassworks and Equipe Girona. And still as a marketeer for the nicest bike shop in the world, OBST&GEMUSE.

His latest venture has been into tattooing. F*cking wild. It drove from drawing being the one thing he enjoys most of all, as well as a deep appreciation for the humbleness of the trade. Whilst he realises it will be a process, he's in it for the long haul, old trucker.

Anyway, enough for the excruciating, and to be quite Frank, self promotion. He's always keen to learn about any visual projects you're working on, and how he could potentially be of service. So say hello.

frankvdsman [at] gmail [dot] com 
+31 6 18 02 54 96